I'm going to build a distributed blockchain network for recording IUU

Apr 5, 2021

The issue of IUU and industrialized fishing is a black and white one. If we want to survive we have to stop fishing our oceans. Currently, industrialized fishing is the leading cause of the destruction of our planet. Its effects can be seen as the result of Covid, to the warming of our waters. I’m not writing this to educate or debate the science or facts, I’m writing this as an open declaration of war on the whole industry. As a personal first step to this, I’m going to make a ledger using blockchain to create distributed network for reporting IUU (“Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing”) that any agency in the world can use to report and research vessels and crew.

I write this today without knowing how or when I will do this, I just know that today is the first day I start. If I manage to stop even one IUU it will have been a success. The whole world is watching, so now I’m going to help record it and report it.

Feel free to join in here https://github.com/IUU-Fishing/iuu_fishing