Block Head

If you can guess it, I’m starting over… again.

I can’t say I will willingly be an “employee” of any tech company again anytime soon. That said, I’m not sure I”m done writing code yet either.

I think it’s time to get back to basics with running my own company as a contractor. I found it much easier to deal with people when there was a basic contract in front of each of us.

I think I will be working in non tech industries for a while. Honestly I would rather make a living doing anything else.

Making things and writing code is great, it’s even better when you find a job that lets you focus on that. Sadly I have not found one of those kind of jobs in a while where they would just allow me to write code without all the posturing and ritual BS. Every opportunity I’ve had, I’ve had equal if not more expensive counter pressures. It comes a point in your life where you go the path of least resistance.

So to that Good bye and Hello.. again.